Match of The Day: Bundesliga

Sport Dos Soccer Humorous

Playable but forgettable soccer sim

Match of The Day: Bundesliga is a pretty basic top down, 2D soccer game, well polished, pretty interesting in ways, but at the end of the day, it's just not sufficiently interesting to keep you entertained or ensnared. So, with that in mind, Match of The Day: Bundesliga is the kind of product that just doesn't really take off, once you've given it a bit of a look. So, no matter what, Match of The Day: Bundesliga is cool; it has a few teams, it has the German Bundesliga at the center, but it never takes you anywhere. All teams play the same, and the other elements in there, are kind of for nothing. Yep, it looks alright, but the camera is positioned a bit too high up, and so the level of detail is lacking most of the time. I'd say, give it a go just for the sake of seeing it in action, but I don't expect it will hook you. Rather have a Sensible Soccer version on your hard drive, as that one is just as simple, but with loads more going for itself! So, well, give it a go, but keep expectations as low as possible.

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