Bureau 13

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox GameTek Science Fiction Third Person

Be part of a government agency and fight the supernatural

This adventure game is a spin-off from an RPG series from back in 1983, also known as Stalking the Night Fantastic. Just like the original game, this point and click adventure is an interesting creation, mostly because of the novel story it presents you with. The game has horror elements, and the supernatural is present in many more or less horrific hypostases. Being part of a government agency means that you will have to play as an investigator, going to the scenes where supernatural events have been reported and trying to find out whether they were true or false. However, the sense that you are safe quickly shatters and you get your own supernatural events that seem to be following you wherever you go. Gameplay wise, Bureau 13 plays as an old school adventure game. You get a number of tabs that represent your possible interactions and you point and click to navigate and to learn new things about your environment. The game can still be played without issues, but, as with many old school adventure games it pays to have a good walkthrough around to avoid frustration and having to try too many combinations. If you're a fan of horror and a fan of investigative adventures, this one will prove a good investment of your time.

Investigation with strange creatures!

A nice point 'n' click adventure game with emphasis on the supernatural, Bureau 13 is commisioned to deal with supernatural cases and puts in control of several agents including a cyborg, a vampire, a witch and a thief. You have to chose a team of 2 for every assignment ... good puzzles, story line and graphics for the era.

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