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Roger Zelazny's last work

I am a big Roger Zelazny fans, so I was thrilled when I heard this game's plot was written by him. Knowing what kind of master of writing he is, I knew that the game would be amazing, and I was right. You play Rene Korda, a very famous inventor of so called Pocket Universes which are personalized to its creators whims and affinities. Two of those are put into an unnatural stasis and you have to discover why and how. This is a very intruiging and interesting plot and you see much great things along your way through the game, such as worlds without gravity and all kinds of wonders. The game is ingenious in its complexity to - to get from one world, you need it's world key, and to get the key you have to solve a puzzle. What's even better is that these puzzles often have two possible solutions! Throughout the game you are awarded with beautiful sceneries, displayed with fantastic detail thanks to faboulous graphic design. The voice acting is good, although to me the actors sounds somewhat flat and emotionless and not very convincing. The music is good, but it doesn't stand out much from the game. The game is easy to play with a point and click style. As in the beginning, what got me most is the great story and it's the sole reason I liked this game so much. Puzzle fans will definitely get their fill, and adventure fans will also not be left dissappointed. Great work, Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskolt and IntraCorp! For similar games based, check out Neuromancer game, another great sci fi game.

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