Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Empire Interactive Science Fiction Third Person

point and click game with a dark story and some nudity

Dreamweb is a cyberpunk adventure game capitalizing on the success of the Blade Runner movie, both in terms of its atmosphere as well as the story itself. You play as a certain Ryan, which at the beginning of the game works as a bartender. However, soon enough you will learn that the protagonist has to go on a hunt for the real world representatives of the 7 sins. The game will develop and will present you with a compelling story that will also have an interesting plot twist, more or less predictable, depending on how familiar you are with the aforementioned Blade Runner universe (Though not as subtle nor of the same proportions as the plot of the film). The game is full of mini puzzles, all in tune with the cyberpunk graphic theme of the game, though not always very original. As many games of the era did, these puzzles are mostly stolen from their real world counterparts, tile arranging, wire management, match 5, etc. At any rate, the drive to play has to do more with advancing the story, as the game does indeed offer an interesting tale. The game is not very long, unless you run into some puzzles you will find too hard to break, but otherwise you will be able to finish it in a day, or much less, depending on your puzzle solving prowess. The story is bound to stick with you, and to attract you, especially if you loved Blade Runner but also if cyberpunk is a genre you love.

A disturbing dream, now you're up... not dreaming

Dreamweb is certainly dark. Your hero Ryan wakes up from a disturbing dream, and from then on is under the control of the dreamweb. This game is made with great care and detailed beautifully. The haunting atmosphere perfectly places you in a dark city of crime and drugs. Enter the lost gaming gem that is The Dreamweb. Who is your next victim?

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