Spit Wad Willy

Arcade 1993 Dos Raoul Said Vertical shooter Single screen Puzzle based

Catch the ball/avoid the bombs arcader

Spit Wad Willy combines a platformer basis with a simple game mechanic. All sort of multicolored balls are flying towards you. You have to avoid them falling directly on your head, something you can do quite simply, by moving your character, Willy, from left to right. However, you cannot stay away from the ball too much. At a certain point it explodes, leaving behind an increasing number of bombs and boxes. You have to catch the boxes and avoid the bombs. The boxes give you points, the bombs, evidently, will kill you. Therefore, the mechanic is very simple and very direct and you are never too uncertain of what needs to be done. But, you have to be very careful, as the balls explode without warning and also, their bouncing is not always regular/predictable. With nice enough graphics, though a bit bare at times, the game can entice those that want a puzzle/action platformer that will test their attentiveness skills. As the game progresses, the balls become faster, the bombs and boxes dropped become more numerous, and thus the game will ask for even more concentration of you.

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