Arcade 1992 Dos Cheesy Software Single screen Puzzle based

ASCII, minimalist Centipede remake/clone

Megapede is one of those freeware game titles that endeavored to recreate a gameplay style that was featured in a classic arcade game. What it has is an ASCII production, a pretty alright one, if you don't mind that old look, with characters making the game world. So, as in Centipede, your main goal is to shoot, move around and avoid being hit, and try to take down the centipede invader as soon as possible and give it as little as possible of a chance to get you. The spiders and the other crawlers that are included as enemies all have their own weak spots, and so, it is a good idea to first explore what kills them faster, what points on their bodies are more exposed to taking damage. And so, trying to take the baddies down, while at the same time trying to avoid fire, you're going to find the game pretty easy to play, as well as pretty fascinating to sink into, pretty nice and pretty articulate, if you will, even in spite of the minimal graphics, that look very underwhelming. Another good alternative can be Crawly-Pede still a clone, yet a good one as well.

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