Commander Blood

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Microfolie's Science Fiction

Odd and obscure space adventure

Captain Blood is a pseudo-classic sci-fi adventure that is notable for its innovation and storyline, but is less enamoured for its actual gameplay, a trait which this sequel carries over to a certain extent. The rather bizarre plot follows the original game's hero, a half-man/half-machine genius named Bob Morlock, as he explores the universe in search of the Big Bang, the original source of all life. This generally involves interacting with aliens via a multiple-choice conversation system but for anyone expecting puzzles, they will be sorely disappointed, for there are none to be found. Commander Blood is really more of a narrative experience than a true game in many senses and while some may find its story involving, it has to be said it is also probably too obscure for many gamers. Gameplay also is minimal and frustratingly linear, with little opportunity for exploration and with players being told pretty much exactly what to do. Graphically, the game is undeniably stylish, helping to create a believable universe but really this is a curiosity that is definitely not a game for everyone. However, for those looking for something a little unusual, Commander Blood may be worth a look.

Very different than the original

Commander Blood is a sequel to the breakthrough action adventure game Captain Blood from 1988. Now, while the game has improved significantly from the last one in the visuals department by adding FMV sequences and uprading the graphics to the game with 3D rendering, I am not sure if the fans of the original game be happy with this sequel, since it is very different than before. Firstly, the communications system has been drastically changed, now with multiple choice conversation system, which is innovative, but strays from the charm of the original. Furthermore, the player can't move freely as before, he is strictly led through the game like a machine. Also, the game is too easy and ends to quickly. Now, even with these issues, the game is still fun, if you think of this game as a separate one. Only, compared to the old one, it is quite a turn. Die hard fans may have a problem adjusting to the game, but new players will find the game fun, if not very lengthy.

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