CD-Man Version 2

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Creative Dimensions Reflex oriented Item collection Arcade style

If Kirby was a puzzle addict bubble!

CD-Man Version 2 is a graphically interesting game that plays just like Pac Man, but the world he's stranded into is more colorful, the monsters he's chasing (or getting chased by) have abandoned their usual color scheme and do not mind following a harder to spot pattern of movement. The design of the worlds this CD Man will be walking through vary quite a bit, sometimes being inspired by sea worlds, sometimes, by sandy dune areas, sometimes sporting some other kind of look that is harder to categorize so easily. At any rate, if you were looking for this Pac Man lookalike that brought more diversity to the original formula, this will surely do it. It's a also less of a hassle difficulty wise, as the game plays out much less strategically. So, if you were looking for a much more laid back adventure, this will do it. If, however you want to try a less graphically endowed game, of the Pac Man make, try Pang, which is more mathematical and sketchy, with less unnecessary graphical elements overall.

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