Celtic Kings: Rage of War

Adventure 2002 Windows Auran Games Pty Strategic scope Role playing Strategy Historical

Adventure and tactical elements are good

It is an adventure game with a strategic scope and role playing elements. The plot in the game is a mythical one and you will play as the commander who will control the soldiers of Gauls. Your town has been destroyed by the Tuetons and the Romans and the ones close to you have been killed. Now in order to gain power and resources, you give your life to some ancient Goddess and that allows you to gain a large fleet of army and some great powers that will enable you to take down Romans and the Tuetons. The adventure element in the gameplay is the diverse scenarios where you will control your land and your units so you can retain control and can protect your native people. This adventure is supported by some more the average graphics which I think will be good enough for you to play the game. You have the Power of Druids at your disposal and this power is needed to take control and destroy the enemy. The tactical scope of the game is also great as you won't be forgiven for any wrong move that you make in the game. The A1 is perfect for both competition and fun. For more adventure and more fun, try Hacker.

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