CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder

Adventure 2006 Windows Ubisoft Crime investigation Strategic scope


If Sherlock Holmes isn't quite modern enough for you, then this game based on the hit TV series might be more to your liking. It packs a lot of mystery and crime solving in but adds in some hi-tech to bring the genre into the 21st Century to make a satisfying experience. There are five cases to solve here, with the first four all linking directly into the fifth, and players get to interact with the best known characters from the show, making use of their expertise to help out. Once you get your case, you have to investigate pretty much every aspect of it, which involves everything from obtaining warrants, to questioning witnesses to examining the crime scenes themselves to pick up clues. The game is presented in full 3D, allowing you to examine most aspects of your environment, although there are limitations. You've got three difficulty levels to choose from, and although you can get hints, these detract from your overall performance rating, so use them wisely. Another notable feature is the fact that all the characters are voiced by the original cast members, giving the game a truly authentic feeling. If you're a hardcore adventure fan, a lover of things like Myst, then this might not be for you, as it is touch too linear and straightforward, with a lot of hand holding. However, if you enjoy the TV show and fancy getting into its world, then this should be fun stuff. The visuals are decent, if a little sterile, while the cases are generally interesting and should keep armchair detectives challenged for a while, so if Gil Grissom is your hero, take a look here.

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