CHAMP Ms. Pacman

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Epic Item collection

How would you like to take Ms Pac man for a spin?

This is your classic arcader featuring Ms. Pacman, the trusty girlfriend/colleague/sister of little old Pacman himself, though nobody knows for sure in what way they're associated. At any rate, this DOS version perfectly duplicates the arcade cabinet game and does it so in style, offering you a great fun experience. The behavior of the ghosts, the random placement of the fruits, the corner power up pellets and the layout of the maze is as the original, which makes the translation, for the fans of the original, really smooth. But, leaving aside the arcader, and maybe for those younger fellows that didn't quite catch the boom of the arcade era, this 96 release is your easy to learn but hard to master game. It takes strategizing, it takes careful and precise maneuvers and above all it takes some guts, especially if you have to perform against your better judgment, as you'll be required later on. The game's other addition is the use of warp zones, that is doors that are placed on the sides mid center of the laterals of the maze. Cross them and you find yourself on the other side of the maze. Use this to avoid being caught or to reduce distance. A great arcader port, a classic and a charming little time waster! Give it a try along with the original Pac Man, that started it all up!

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