Jurassic Park: Chaos Island

Strategy 1997 Windows Dreamworks Interactive Isometric Science Fiction

RTS that puts you charge of dinosaurs

Here's a twist to the dinosaur world of Jurassic Park: what if instead of having to flee, kill or just avoid the dinos, you could instead turn them in an army and start taking over the world?! Sound fun, isn't it?! Well, that is what the developers must have thought, and that's what they tried to develop, but they did only get so far with it. Unfortunately Jurassic Park: Chaos Island is plagued by a number of problems: the human AI is aggravatingly simple and stupid. Not that it should mater that much, as they're mostly meet fodder by design, but come on, they could at least retreat when T Rex is charging. Well, maybe they're to scared! The other problem is that the game features a panic mode, which again turns your RTS into a sort of gotta catch em all puzzler, interesting and fun, but too simplistic and too lengthy. At any rate, for those that still remember the original movie, you'll probably be happy to know that the soundtrack features voice work fro the original cast members of the movie. And that's about it for this 3D sort of puzzler, sort of tactical strategy game in real time. I only wish it was a bit more diverse, sort of like Dino Crisis but then again, maybe some of you will enjoy its simplicity more than I did.

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