ZPC - Zero Population Count

Action 1996 Windows GT Interactive Cartoon Shooter

Zomvbie action first person shooter

It is a first shooter classic zombie game which has an environment which we see in the comic books for underground zombie world. The game really has an artistic look which diffuses throughout it and sets up the whole gameplay. The plot is quite a picture of some religious backdrops and some evil throughout that have brought chaos to a republic. Your mission is to free a world from evil which has brought destruction to it. You being a carefree hippie will have to be the savior. In your quest you will come across the fact that you are actually a prince whose father has been killed by the evil and malicious Black Brethren. The graphical interface sets this game apart from the others as it is quite appealing to the sense of vision. There is not much in terms of the weapon and the options but you do have the option to save the game for you will have to collect some memory orbs which have been dispersed in various levels of the game. To save this world from the evil and reclaim what is yours, you will need to go all weapons blazing. The music is also thrilling and sets you up for an action pack ride. The artistic look n the game is very much similar to The Dark Eye.

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