Stained Glass

Puzzle 1991 Dos Kent Brewster Brainteaser

Puzzle heaven

Puzzle games don't get much better than this clever and inventive title so if you're a fan of things like Chain Reaction or the similar Tesserae, then this should be at the top of your list of games to try out. It's kind of a cross between checkers and those jump-the-peg games and which uses colors as its theme. You are presented with a board that is full of colored tiles and the goal is to jump over each tile, until there is only one left (the tiles are removed as you jump over them). However, the snag here is that you can only jump a tile over another one which contains that same color. So for example, red could be jumped over red, orange or purple. This results in a head scratching, dizzying little game that forces you to consider angles and color combinations for every move and which proves to be immensely challenging. There's little in the way of options to mix things up for the game but this isn't really a problem as the core gameplay is so well implemented that you don't need any fancy bells and whistles. This really is such a clever little game and although we have seen plenty of puzzlers which use color as their theme, such as Klax and Columns, rarely has the concept been implemented so cleverly and well. Visuals in this early version aren't exactly spectacular but that's not really a problem as they certainly do their job well enough to allow you to enjoy the game. Controls too are about as simple as they get so you can forget about learning a complicated system and just get on with enjoying the game. If you want to be challenged and hooked in equal measure, you may have just found your new best friend.

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