Clash of Steel Future edition

Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars

Enhanced edition of the Clash of Steel original

The original Clash of Steel game was a turn based strategy/war game, very complex and trying to simulate both the tactics of conflict as well as the overarching strategy elements of in a tight package. Therefore, with the massive undertaking of simulation all these disparate elements and trying to fit them together, naturally, the game managed to produce quite a few instances of bugs and problems, and so, coupled with its already very niche audience it could have sustained, the game proved disappointing and sales flopped. This version of the game is a simple rehash of the original but with most of the big bugs fixed. In 1993 bug fixes and patches were not yet deliverable through online channels and so buggy games could either get re-released on disc again or call it a day and move on. So, technically and content wise, Clash of Steel Future edition brings no new elements of play, no new content. However, the game cleans out the problems of the original to the point where it now makes sense to invest the many hours it requires of you to play.

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