Leo the Lion

Action 1997 Windows Flair Software Cartoon Platformer Adventure

Leo could have learned a bit more from Disney...

Cute can be an attribute of a video game, but that surely isn't enough. Even if you create a game for kids, these creations still require some polish and some attention to mechanics, to the way the game is produced, overall, and the entire array of elements. Yep, graphics are okay in this one, a bit on the sketchy side, but that can be survived! However, that is less so the case when the levels don't seem to be going nowhere, when the interactivity is at them most basal, and when original ideas are not taken further, but abandoned half way through. Plus, the movement, the animation of the characters, player and otherwise is by no means as good as it should. For instance, Disney's Lion King managed both the adorable, aww inducing feel, as well as well done gameplay, you know, a game that you want to see how it challenges you next. Nope, the overall production value of Leo the Lion is just abysmal, and there are no other elements to redeem it, to make it worthwhile. You might give it a try but be warned, this one is that the best mediocre, when it's not an outright bore.

Poor platform game

It is a very average platform game which is only for those gamers who have never played platform games. The theme in the game is cartoon style and also involves adventure and a bit of fun element for kids. If I go with the plot, all the fun that is left will be spoiled. The game lacks in a lot of areas and there are hundreds of platform games that are far better than this one. The first features that makes it lag behind is the lack of variety in the form of the level design. The graphics in the game are also not diverse because it only has colors and no diversity. Similarly the variety of items that you will collect in the game is also a limited one and the level designs are repetitive. The controls in the game are a bit ok and they allow you to control the character Leo easily. User interface is quite boring as well and the music is very lame. Lion King is the game which is very much on the same and has a lot more to offer in terms of the variety and the gameplay and is also better in terms of the graphics.

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