Iron Cross

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Indulging world war simulation

Here a very interesting real time world war simulation game and has pretty much the same theme as has been seen in other world war games. Iron Cross has no need to go into the plot as it's pretty much the same and you will have to control infantry, armor and artillery units and you can either play as the allies or the axis. The first good trait in the game is that the gaming engine that it supports is very good and allows for a great tactical game which will really indulge you into the tough scenarios of the world war. There are about 12 scenarios in the game and all of them are very detailed in terms of the things to do and the decisions to take. The scenarios have a progressive level of difficulty and it is the virtue of a good A1 that it really calls for a rational and well thought out tactical approach. The graphics in the game are not that much pleasing but they have a sense of realism to them which is quite appealing. The user interface is however not that much appealing but the game is still a great pursuit. I am also a fan of the Close Combat series which is quite thrilling.

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