Manchester United: The Official Computer Game

Sport 1990 Dos Krisalis Soccer

The first soccer game focused on MU

Being a road opener kind of game, Manchester United: The Official Computer Game managed to be more or less interesting, but, nonetheless, it wasn't very well received, at least not from the point of view of the sales. However, if you want to play it I will tell you that this one is by no means a game that doesn't play well, nope, not at all, it does, it is a creation that is well rounded enough. Action soccer is all that it offers and it has a management section as well. Also, for a game this old, it is good to know that it's main interface is controlled via the clicking of icons. And, as such, it creates a very enduring and immediately recognizable set of controls. Graphically it's not something to really crave, but, at the very least the animations are clean and the 2D top down perspective does a great job at it. So, I'd say, if you're a fan of oldies and especially if your favorite club is Man United, this will be a sufficiently enticing treat. Otherwise the flooded gates of the FIFA series will be just as interesting to look into. So give it a try.

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