In Extremis

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Blue Sphere (France) Shooter Science Fiction

Doom like, alright, if uninspired at times...

In Extremis is yet another of those games that the Doom explosion (!) brought into the limelight. However, as you'll see for yourself if you try it, many development houses kind of got it wrong why Doom was as well seen as it was; it wasn't that people hadn't seen games in 3D before, not really, I mean the whole Golden Box RPG scene was meddling in 3D even before computers were really supposed to manage such extreme loads, given the kind of processors that were common back in the day. Nope, what made Doom great was its diversity, it's range of gameplay options and scenarios that it put forth and so on. And, mostly, the first person clones only focused on putting out games in 3D, shooters, but they didn't expend as much effort on the actual game world development, on creating scenarios that would entice players. And that's where In Extremis is at; an alright engine, alright controls and everything, but pretty boring scenarios. No variety, no smarts behind the level design choices, mostly just corridors filled with enemies. Yeah, you can get behind that for a while, but in the end you just get bored and feel like you've seen it all before. So yeah, Doom 2 is the choice here, unless you're in this game for nostalgia.

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