Crazy Cars 2

Racing 1989 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Arcade style

A below average game

The game in my opinion is very average because some of the features have not been incorporated good enough to invite gamers to fun. You need to escape the cops through your car and through navigating with a good strategy using a map that has been incorporated in the game. Starting with graphics, they are very average and the details of the racing track and the environment is very unrealistic and out of shape. Though it gives you a good racing track but this feature is not worth it because you cannot control the car properly. Normally arcade racing games give some very unrealistic controls which are too responsive but this game is the other way around as the controls are not responsive at all. This disables the gamers to effectively avoid the obstacles and you keep on hitting them. The music is good but can't help in increasing the rating of the game. The depth in terms of the variety of gaming options and the upgrades is very limited and that does not help either. Similarly there are not many cars to choose from. I would recommend one to go for a more superior and improved version of this game which is Crazy Cars 3.

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