Crazy Cars

Racing 1987 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Shoot em up Arcade style

A sprite based racer that gets everything wrong!

Okay Crazy Cars, your issue is that you're a pretty oblique game! Granted, you are funny, but your developers were not looking to endow you with funny, it's just that they made all those little errors that, when coagulated, has made you into a very, very flawed and yet functional game. So, what happens in Crazy Cars is that you will feel like in the chase scenes from that British sitcom! The cars move too fast, your car looks like it's 10 times bigger than the one of the rest of the participants, the sprite road gets too narrow too fast and the obstacles on the road are either stupid, misplaced, or make you jump too much into the air! If the development issues had halted here, this would still have been a perfectly playable experience, but, unfortunately, the developers also botched the controls. And, you can only take so much abuse gameplay wise, before you rage quit. Mad props though, for the color scheme! The minimalist colors don't shine like it's the end of the world or like your monitor has just caught on fire, and, at least here you get a break! But, that is surely not enough to think that you'll get more than 2 to 5 minutes out of this one. Nope, once you've seen the game once, quenched your curiosity, its appeal is pretty much done! Try the third iteration, atleast this one is actually playable, even if not completely unaffected by issues.

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