Fire and Forget

Racing 1988 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Arcade style Driving

Throttle up and... be bored!

Fire and Forget is the first in the series, and while the second game, Fire and Forget 2 never was too playable or too long, nor too well produced, it sure deserved a lot more attention than Fire and Forget. At a glance, this one is a very minimalist CGA type sprite, forward scrolling racer, the kind that was shoved out over so often in this period. These games were great, when they were sufficiently polished. When they were not, like this game here, they didn't really connect with you, they just looked like racers, but did little to redeem themselves. Yes, this game adds some shooting form within the vehicle but that portion is hard to control. Also, hard to estimate is the speed of the other vehicles, be them those in direct competition with you or the ones just approaching from the counter direction. So, ultimately, be it all what it may, this is quite the plain forward scroller racer. OutRun is the game to download if you want a really well put together game in this genre, or, if you want to look at this series, the second one is much better produced, even if tht one too is no gem.

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