Crime Killer

Racing 1998 Windows Interplay Shoot em up Car and action

Fast paced weaponized arcade racing

Some like their racers to be photorealistic, others love them pure breed arcaders. Some like them racing oriented only, others like it infused with gimmicks: weapons, powers, different modes of play, etc. I for once love Crime Killer because it is a combination of all of those things, a game that is fast paced, uses powerups and has a techno upbeat feel that is just awesome. There is also a slight adage of story in here, though you'll rarely care for it. What it is is that you'll be able to play as a future cop, chasing baddies on the open roads, or be on the other side of the fence, trying to stay away from the long arm of the law! This game sure was inspired by other over the top racers such as Carmageddon but instead of some blatant copy cat work, Crime Killer sticks to its own guns. So, give it a go if you love that early, gritty 3D feel, where the lack of depth of field was covered by darkness or by dust or other particles, and where the racing is really fast and totally unconcerned with realism, though it does have its own technical rules and vehicle behaviors that it sticks with. You won't kill no crime, but you'll race furiously, that's for sure!

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