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Absolutely delicious 3D, very early racer

Deathtrack is a racing game, trying to create a full 3D world in a period when PCs could hardly allow it. But it does a great job overall, and the combination of sprites, 2D in car cams, with the 3D outside areas looks fantastic, It is a rerally interesting and cool way. The cars have very few polygons, and as they drive by their shapes break down and recompose in very interesting to look at ways. And here's the other cool thing about the game: it also has weaponized cars, and the weapons are yours to choose. Fantastic blend, overall, and for those that love 3D games that were really early, Deathtrack is one of the best underrated game of its generation. It also has lots of variety in spite of the limitations it comes with, which thus gives it a fabulous look and feel. What I also love about it is the fact that it is the kind of experience that really keeps you entertained for hours, and it does so in a beautiful, exciting manner, in ways that are unable to access in recent, modern games. Re-Volt a game that tries to simulate RC Cars has some of this game's appeal, though in proper 3D graphics, but the same playful build that is just lovely.

Hillariously fun

Death Track is one of my favorite racing game and I love it so much because of the nature of the gameplay - you have to win by all means necessary, and there are no rules whatsoever. You can eliminate your opponents in all kinds of ways, including ramming them, pushing them off the road, blasting them or outright shooting them down with all kinds of weaponry. Be careful, though, they are all trying to do the same to you. The point of the game is to get to the finish line by either outracing them or eliminating them completely off the race. You have to watch not to damage your car too much because then your car's performance will go down. The game's graphics are very nice and the animation is pretty quality stuff considering the time the game was released. The music is also top notch and very upbeat, making you even more excited. The game is tons of fun, action and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. If you want other similar games, try Big Red Racing, Megarace or Wacky Wheels.

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