Cycle Warz

Action 1993 Dos Vector Scope War

Tron motorcycle like; well done

Cycle Warz is a Tron like arcade game that recreates those light bike races that were set in the computer world of Tron. The minigame, attempted before, is, here too, well done, yet none too original. But my guess is the developers didn't really look to create something original, as much as they looked to just create a playable Snake like game. So, here's the gameplay gist; you have to race your motorbike that leaves a trail behind it, and in doing so you want to create trails that will entrap your opponent. The idea of the game is that, you too have to be careful not to step on your lines, the ones from your enemy, or the limits of the game. The one that gets the opponent to crash is the victor. And then some, as you can play as many races as you want. Given that this is all that the game offers, in 2D clothes, really simple, yet playable, you won't have a lot to look forward to from the game. So, have it installed when you feel like a Tron-esque ride, but don't have too grand an expectation from the game. It will keep you entertained, but also, it can be a little boring if you play for too long. So keep your gameplay sessions really short and sweet!

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