Links: Championship Course: Pebble Beach

Sport 1993 Dos Access Software Golf

A lot of playability and fun

Pebble Beach, one episode of Links series is a game based on the lovely game of golf and provides a in depth view of the dynamics that are involved in it. The first feature in the game is the diversity in it which is depicted by the modes of gameplay that it has. Whether it is the single play mode, practice mode or the campaign mode, all of them have sense of playability to them and all are quite fun to play. The modelling of the player has been done with some fine details and they depict in their motion movements. The graphics are really sharp and colorful and they present the golf courses very beautifully. All the courses in the game are very colorful and they have been defined with some creative backgrounds that add a natural and a realistic feel to the gameplay. The game is also good in terms of how you manage the controls as they are quite responsive. They have made the game quite detailed in terms of the variety of the moves or tricks that you can perform while playing. The user interface in the game is not that much pleasing but the overall feel is really fun. This games belongs to a large series of golf games and all the parts are quite fascinating.

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