Wilson Prostaff Golf

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Konami Golf

Excellent early days 3D golf, diverse and fairly accurate

In Wilson Prostaff Golf you will get a game of golf of the kind where the playing field, the most immediate portion of it at least, is rendered in 3D just before you swing your cross. What I mean is, the game offers you 3D vistas but they're not permanent, they're prerendered just before you get to play. But that won't bother you because the main mechanic is still a classic type one, arcade styled: you have to match a swinging marker, an oscillating pellet onto a frame. Nail it by pressing a button just at the right moment and you're in business. That's the skill based bit. Then there's the tactical play, which has to do with the way you approximate your angles and your shots. So, all in all, this is a great combination of arcade as well as strategy/golf strategy type game. Graphically, as I said, that kind of prerendered 3D was normal back in the day, and here it is by no means bad, quite on the contrary, it is pretty impressive. So, if you loved your Jack Nicklaus type games but want something of that quality but novel, Wilson Prostaff Golf can definitely fill those shoes!

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