Simulation 1992 Dos Softdisk Publishing Civil flight

Light-hearted and fun flying sim

As the name suggests, this is a light-hearted take on the flying sim genre and while it might not offer much in the way of depth or complexity, it certainly makes up for it in the fun department and is worth digging out for its sheer novelty value. The game takes an arcade-style approach to its subject matter, and places players in the well-worn cockpit of an old WWI fighter plane in the small town of Hatfield at the time of the Country Fair and pits them against a series of opponents in the titular dogfights. The game isn't all about combat though, and some neat objectives are also thrown into the mix to spice things up a bit. While Dawgfight is certainly not overly realistic, it does include a few concessions to authenticity such as limited fuel, stalling at high altitudes and highly challenging take-offs and landings. A highly useful practice mode allows you to get the hang of things in safety before you go for the real thing. Dawgfight really is an unexpected gem, a thoroughly enjoyable slice of arcade style action and fun that doesn't take itself too seriously and instead concentrates on providing a good time. The graphics are wonderfully bright, vibrant and full of character that add much to the game's appeal and give it a strong sense of individuality. The sound is likewise full of personality and only adds to the game's charm, while the intuitive controls are easy to get a handle on. Whether you are an arcade fan or a flight sim follower in search of a bit of relaxation, then Dawgfight is the perfect solution and deserves to be played.

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