Precision Approach

Simulation 1995 Windows Amtex Civil flight

Learn how to land a space shuttle

Precision Approach is a game dedicated to the simulation of the landing of the space shuttle. So, it's a niche game, very detailed, very good looking, given its age (it was released in 95) and also, very satisfyingly, it's got absolutely great set of controls. Now, as you might know, the space shuttle, or for that matter, any space shuttle based on today's technology, does not use thrusters of engines of any kind. Instead, after it enters the atmosphere, it uses the drag, the friction it creates at the impact with air to decelerate. You have to make sure you control this deceleration as good as possible. Now, you play the game from within the cockpit of the shuttle. You can even control it al using the panel of instruments that are include; you don't even have to look at the exterior for a second (unless, some sort of malfunction on the panel makes some reading impossible). There are loads of specific controls to look into in order to make a safe landing, and the precision of controls you have to show is also pretty impressive. Definitely great for NASA heads, and not for many other people. For the rest of us, a more lenient game, such as Scorched Earth can be a great option to download, as it is still about aerial movement yet of projectiles through the air!

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