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Modern airline simulation game

While graphically pretty scarce, and thus, in terms of production value, not too complex, Airline is pretty heavy in simulation terms, offering you a great amount of ideas and details in terms of purchasing, maintenance and making a commercial flight company profitable. What it takes to take it there is a lot of patience, a lot of economic choices as well as good travel routes, so that you can always fly to where you want to and transport as many passengers and freight as you need. All in all, the game looks like an Win 95 application, with lots of different windows for the different activities that you will need to accomplish, but, overall, it never gets too complex. Also, what you'll really love about it is the fact that Airline is not a complex game in explaining what each option does; all the buttons and menus are easily recognizable, but mastering the game will take a long while. A good alternative, for someone interested in specific simulations of flight, though from a more action oriented perspective, can be Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0, combining great physical simulation with an easily accessible control scheme.

A very challenging and fast paced airline sim

Airline is a very fast paced and challenging airline simulation that will make you realize just how hard it is to actually run an airline company. Your job goes from buying and selling planes, watching and controlling the finances, and a lot more economic and flight options that will let you create the airplane of your dreams. The game is in realtime, so, besides watching and managing the company, you have to hurry up to do it all. There is always so much to do and so little time to do it. Now you know how busy are the real people doing it! After you get used to the incredibly fast pace of the game (you can slow down the "clocks" if you think the game is too much for you", you will get drawn in and hook yourself to the computer for hours. Business simulations are not personally my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the vast complexity and detail of the game, and the immense challenge it provides. If you like air business sims like Air Bucks or Airline Tycoon, you will find this hard game highly enjoyable.

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