Death Bringer

RPG 1989 Dos Pandora Dungeons and Dragons

A nice dungeon crawler styled RPG

Galdregon's Domain, or Death Bringer as it also is known as, is a 16 bit styled dungeon crawler, immersive enough, lacking in plot but with a mighty interesting combat system and lots of content. The story shares elements of fantasy and medieval lore, and has a certain Zato, as the one you'll be looking to liberate from his fate. Of course, this king Zato, is only part of the quest, as, as you'll find out, Death Bringer takes that idea and takes it even further. But, not to worry, the game won't disappoint you with misconstrued plot or a too hard to follow plot. Most of the action is where the game's appeal rests. Plus, to be fair it looks nice enough, not one of the most original out there, but certainly nothing to snide at. And so, even if this Amiga port looked better on that original console, the DOS environment, under a DosBox that will speed the action just a little can be playable, fluent enough and well entertaining. So, give it a try, it's not one to disappoint. Overall, a Wizardry can be a much better choice for this genre, if you prefer a meatier story, but else, this one has got all the cards and all the things you need to stay satisfied. Worth the download, for sure, for the action.

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