Deer Avenger 3D

Action 2000 Windows Simon & Schuster Interactive Shooter 3D

Time for some payback

If all those Deer Hunter games struck you as being a little on the unfair side, then the Deer Avenger series is one which will be right up your alley. The games make fun of hunting titles by placing the player in the hooves of hunted animals and turning the tables on those dastardly humans, which could have been a nice setup. However, the series is far from a classic one, thanks to some tedious gameplay, but if things like Redneck Rampage amuse you, then this might just provide some fun. This 3D version finds our deer hero, Bambo, about to marry his sweetheart, thinking that humans have been ousted from the woods. However, when Bambo hears that they're back and that his darling won't give it up until they're gone, he reluctantly straps on a shotgun and heads out into the wilderness. What follows is similar to other hunting games, where you explore, lay traps and lures, and then blast the various human hunters which inevitably show up. Killing a hunter gives you access to his weapon, while you can also head back to your cabin to show off your trophies. That's about it though, and unfortunately, this is a series which is based on the concept alone, and which has almost completely forgotten about actual gameplay. There's a lot of tedious wandering about with very little to do in scenery that looks the same, and when the action does occur, it's far from exciting stuff. Things aren't helped by the mediocre visuals, which are bland and lacking in personality, so really, unless you desperately want to get your own back on hunters, avoid this.

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