Action 1998 Windows Kirin Entertainments Shooter Science Fiction

Fast paced third person shooter arcader

I loved the bombastic oomph filled metal man themed adventure that this game offered me! At its core the gameplay is a simple find your way through each level, and shoot everything that stands in your way, but it was that turn of the century late 90s feel that made Esoteria a winner! The sound effects will really put you in a Rambo of the future/Terminator type mood that really will win you over. Other than that the 3D is of the era, with rather blocky architecture and quite a few shady, not too nuanced textures knocking about. So, the missions are simple most of the time, go from A to B, while also visiting a few other points on each map and if someone stands in your way, well, shot them down. And there are quite a few enemies sprinkled in each level, though, by no means are they of a too big a threat. They are quite content to shoot at you if you're visible but otherwise they won't prove to be too smart. Oh, did I mention you can wield a backpack?! Yap, your man of the future robot/ metal suit is all geared up with the required floaters, so that you can soar and easily move around the environment. But, of course, make sure you have enough juice to keep you in the air, as the game doesn't want you in mid air at all times. Anyway, if you liked this one, also try Gunmetal a hybrid of robots on the ground and in mid air, even faster and more detailed than this one, but just as exciting to play.

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