Delta V

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Futuristic Flight shooter Unconventional

Very average gameplay

It is though termed as a flight simulation game but has the elements which are involved in role play games. The theme is a futuristic one where you will be playing as a nutrenner who is forced to work for some organization that aims to establish their world supremacy by bringing down the other global giants. So you have to do things like battles in air crafts, data manipulation and hacking to make your organization stronger. You will also have to protect your systems from other intruders so that they do not gain access to your data. The plot is though interesting but there is nothing much in terms of how the gameplay goes. The level deigns even though supported by some very fine animations and graphics are repetitive and there is lack in the variety of enemies and objects. The repetitive elements in the game make you lose interest early and the rest is all time pass stuff. Similarly the missions are obscured and the UI is pretty ordinary. It feels like they have been only focusing on the graphics and the visual appeal. Games like Return Fire are though much inferior in graphics but are far more addictive.

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