Descent 3: Mercenary

Action 1999 Windows Interplay Futuristic Unconventional

Awesome shooting thrills

The Descent series of 3D shooters is a classic, if somewhat dizzying, set of games which combine the intense blasting thrills of Doom with the freedom of flight simulators and wrap it all up in a fantastic sci-fi package. Mercenary is actually an add-on pack for the base game of Descent 3 and while the gameplay hasn't evolved all that much, this is still top notch stuff. Descent 3 features vastly improved visuals over earlier installments as well as the ability to escape the claustrophobic interiors associated with the series, while also adding in multi-player, more diverse missions and new ships. Mercenary pumps even more content into the game, giving fans seven new single player campaigns to enjoy, some multiplayer missions, some fanmade maps and even a level editor so you an create your own. The game itself remains a fast and furious shooter that takes players on a wild ride through every dimension as you basically seek to blast the living daylights out of everything. If you've played any of the previous games or Forsaken, you'll know exactly what to expect here. While it can easily be argued that Descent 3 didn't add all that much to the base game, it's hard not to enjoy this extra pack, as the game remains so darned enjoyable. If this is your first experience of the series, it takes a while to get into things, due to the freedom of movement, but once you get the hang of it, it's really is thrilling stuff. The blasting action is intense and exciting and is backed up by some excellent visuals and first class level design, so if you like your shooters, this is a series to get into.

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