Action 1998 Windows Grolier Interactive Futuristic Flight shooter

A fun action game worthy of its predecessor

V2000 is a less popular, but equally good sequel to the 1988 game Virus that featured a ship in 3D that has to save terrains that have been infected by a powerful virus that has spread across the entire country. In this game, that was released 10 years later, you get to do the same, only with higher graphics, more user friendly interface and controls, and the availability to play the game on Windows. You have to hunt down the evil alien creatures in 30 levels, destroy them, thus saving the world one more time. The game is much harder than the original, and will take more time to finish, so be prepared for a lot more fun than usual. There are many new weapons for you to use and the enemies are varied and quite tough to deal with. The mouse controls might be a challenge for the first few hours but one you get used to them it will go very smoothly. As in the Virus game, it will get tougher as you go, and you will have to be close to perfect in your abilities to actually finish the game. The graphics are truly a breath of fresh air, very detailed and greatly textured, with smooth animation and easy of movement. Lovers of action games will definitely be thrilled by this game and it is a shame that the game wasn't much noticed when it first came out.

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