RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Westwood Top down Fantasy

The city of Hillsfar needs a hero! Be the one!

Hillsfar is a simple top down RPG, on the same vein as the early Ultima games, so it's the equivalent of Legend of Zelda, but with the DOS amenities of its age. So, the game has a main story, but besides that one, you can also get a lot of exploration and a lot of arena fighting, plus, archery contests, plus, really original, horse riding. The beauty of the game also lies on the many option to solve quests. If you have the proper skills, instead of killing everyone, you can also pick pockets, you can pick locks and get to where you want without ever being seen. Also, some of the actions are in first person, like the lock picking, while the exploration of cavers is delivered in top down. The game doesn't use randomization for none of its gameplay; thus monsters are set at the very same places every time you play, and you don't get loot randomly either. So, overall, Hillsfar is a cool, well produced game, and it is definitely worth looking into by those that love top down RPGs with a certain dose of original ideas.

A true flag bearer for RPG games

It is an exciting, fun and addictive RPG game which is really worthy to be played. Westwood, the developer of this game has come up with many exciting sequences which make the game play thoroughly entertaining for all action game lovers. The sequences here include lock picking, horseback riding, arena fights and many other sequences that really provide a thrilling experience. What I found most interesting with this game is that all the sequences have their unique themes and environment which is really eye catchy and brings a lot of variety to the gameplay. It is not a complete RPG game but is still a great diversion in D&D universe. The graphics are very neatly designed with lots of innovations and fantasy characters and the game is fairly competitive. It requires the user to be good with his/her reflexes. Every character class that has its own unique sub-plots with vibrant graphics but the best one is the lock picking interface. It is a complete classic with all the best features and smooth game play. Classical RPG games like Eye of the Beholder have given RPG games a good base with the users and this game continues to do the same.

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