Tangled Tales

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Top down Fantasy

Simple and a bit underwhelming for expert RPG players

I don't want to be too harsh with this one RPG, a combination of top down map scrolling deal, with lots of text descriptions for all the actions and activities and a separate screen for battles and for face to face encounters. We've seen it all before and some appreciated it while others frowned at it. The games in this stile are all over the place as well, difficulty wise, and this one happens to be on the lighter side in terms of how much it asks of you, but then again, it can be the best of its brethren to introduce you to it's kind of gameplay, as it won't scare you away with difficult quests or too harsh a battle Also, the battles are waged in turns, giving you space to pick up a new weapon or a new spell in case the one you've tried did not work as expected. At any rate, it is a fun, simple game, and given its combination of graphics and the way you interact with it, which will take some getting used to, it's very good that it is on the simpler size. So, unless you're an experienced player or oldschool RPGs, say, if you haven't really mastered the Ultima series and know all of its secrets, then Tangled Tales could be just the game for you, as it is a great tutorial for these olden age RPGs.

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