Desert Storm Command

Action 1994 Dos MVP Software Flight shooter

Military action puzzles set in the Desert Storm operation

Desert Storm Command looks like a bundle of flash games, where you will get to play as a sidescrolling infantry man, you will also play as an individual that guides rockets about and, also, you will engage in a more developed strategic game that binds all of these minigames together. As I said, the graphics, while okay, are by no means anything to crave, but they do as good a job as possible in offering you a well balanced visual background. Just not the kind of graphics to look forward to seeing too much, though. But, after a while, you'll appreciate the sidescroller look, with the nested graphics that simulate depth, even if they have that cardboard look that is oh so evident. Furthermore, Desert Storm Command is just as great a game in its action sequences, because it has a lot of targets for you to shoot, from airplanes to land units. And, your incentive to keep things together is given by the fact that you will be protecting cities form enemy fire. So, well, if you love timewaster bundles, none too complex or too compelling, this is a good one. Else, download Conflict: Desert Storm if you want a classic shooter game, much more involving and well produced.

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