Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox GT Interactive Aliens invasion 3D Mature Content Shooter

It's time to kill some monsters and to enjoy a good old action!

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition was released in 1996, and it contains three episodes of the original game, which was declared the best FPS of that time. Duke Nukem 3D brings back some good old memories, making you feel excellent even if it's played nowadays! The action takes you to a futuristic era, where the environment is full of human remains, where everything is destroyed, on various suburbs of Los Angeles, to an amusement park, a top-secret military base, and eventually on the alien mother ship. I got used to play only bad expasion add-ons/packs/expansions, but Atomic Edition kept me captivated and didn't make me regret I spent my time playing it. Some levels that will bring a real excitement, from the action and environment points of view are: the one when you defeat the boss (whose action takes place underwater), the sushi retaurant battles, the strip club levels (you can enjoy the ladies dance and you can tip them), the fights at post offices. There are many more, or course, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. The 3D graphics brought something different and attractive, among the shooter videogames released at that time. The backgrounds are detailed and very well drafted. The way you interact with the world is very fun, and you can change every aspect around you with your weapons intervention. Play this game to be fascinated completely ! You will cherish it, no matter you are a fan of shooting games or not.

Great game, my mom doesn't like it though.

I have been playing Duke Nukem since I could read! Literally!!!! I have this game on pc and honestly the graphics aren't too good, but who cares! It's a game!!!! I don't really like the classic controls all too much, i usually change it to a newer generation of fps controls but I can stick with the classic. The alien butt-kicking is awesome. especially at the--I shouldn't give any spoilers. I like how Duke saves the world for nuthin but chicks. I really like the game but my mom doesn't really like the language or the, yeah. Be sure to check out my review for destruction derby.

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