Speed Haste

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Stock and F1 racing game; well done

Speed Haste is a budget racer, that, for added effect, combines two types of racing disciplines: on one had it offers you racing of F1 cars, and on the other it offers you stock car racing. The races can be played both from a first person perspective, from the cockpit/interior of the vehicle, or you can play them as classic third person, from behind of the car perspective. Either way, this 97 release looks good enough, with enough detail for the cars and the tracks, but don't expect the game to go beyond the most simple of arcade ideas. Also, you might like the fact that the vehicles do indeed behave somewhat differently, though even between the F1 cars and the stock cars there are similarities. But, nevertheless, Speed Haste is a fun, if not too serious racer, and you can play it in multiplayer mode too, either in split screen mode or over an IPX (emulated, today) network. It sure could have been better, with a better AI and a better array of vehicles, but as it is it's good enough. Alternatively, download Sega Rally, a racer that is so good, you can hardly find any faults with it, even today.

One big meh..

This is a typical racing game, not different from many others, and certainly not as good as Daytona USA, which came out in the same year, but is light years ahead of Speed Haste. The word "typical" describes most of the game. Typical gameplay, typical style, typical graphics for this time, typical upbeat sountrack to follow it. You have a variety of cars to choose from and it is up to you if you want to drive stock cars or Formula 1. The game options are really wide. You can play alone (Championship, single race or training), one on one or online. Typical are also the tracks. You played one, you played them all. The graphics are good enough, but a bit grainy and not so detailed. I have definitely seen games with better graphics form that time. The game is fun, though. It has the dynamics, it has the edge and the excitement. But while playing, I just can't stop thinking of all those other games that are so much better than this one. This is an okay game to play for 30 minutes, then start thinking about something else.

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