Al Unser jr Arcade Racing

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Simple and exciting Arcade car racing

Before starting this game, set your picture resolution on the desktop to 256 colors or else it won't work. The game is an exciting and fun arcade racing which gives you some very simple yet attractive features. It is though not for those simulation freaks but still has the element to bind your interest. What you have here are very smooth and fast racing tracks where you can race all day long without losing your interest. The graphics in the form of the race scenarios and the stadiums are worth looking out for and the sounds incorporated are quite realistic and stimulating. Now the controls are very much to the liking of racing car game lovers because they are reasonably responsive. However if you go with some faster computers, these controls can go a bit too responsive which can cause you trouble in staying on the course. Though you do not have many tracks to play with, but the ones given are very smooth for a fast car racing. The A1 is also fine and makes the game competitive enough without making it tough on the user. It's for those racing car game lovers who want a simple yet exciting car racing game.

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