Mad Trax

Racing 1998 Windows Project Two Interactive Futuristic Unconventional

Beautiful, dark, Sci Fi heavy racer

Mad Trax is one of the better arcade racers of the later 90s. It has that fast and sleek attitude, and very good controls; you play in a number of tracks that look like they are on another planet. It's very interesting, overall, and will offer you the beauty of the fast gameplay coupled with a nice dark themed, very hypnotic construction. Mad Trax is also pretty large, as it has a good number of different tracks and vehicles. However, that Sci Fi theme is always present and also, an ai of Steam Punk and or retro futuristic technology endows the cars with a very beautiful construction. But, most of all, if you play chained tracks, you are going to get a really Zen, yet energizing experience out of the game. And that is really satisfying, and is really something that is hard to get from any other type of racer. It's in the way the cars slide, the speed increasing portions and so on. If you like this, you are also going to love Motorhead, though certain Mad Trax is the kind of game that is going to stay with you for a long time.

Beautiful and fun

This is a very cool futuristic racing game (like Need for speed only in a alien planet), kind of reminding me of Wacky Wheels, only with a LOT better graphics and animation, because of the weapons and powerups you receive on the way and get to use to disable other racers. It has beautiful dark colours, enormous detail and a fantastic layout of the sky in the game with colours like yellow, green, orange, all mixed and almost liquid. I only gazed at the skyline as much as I could while I was playing the game. The car design is unconventional and absolutely beautiful. You don't drive through cemented roads like in most games, but through rough terrain surrounded by beautiful landscape, mountains and stone arches, all out of this world. The tracks have jumps, bumps, hard corners, meaning you can't take them lightly. The game is exciting, it's challenging, it's fun, and it is a beautiful sight for the eye. The soundtrack is a rave tune that goes on in the background, pumping you even more. This one is a must have!

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