Deuteros: The Next Millennium

Strategy 1991 Atari Activision Galactic War

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I give you life and this is how you repay me? Ingrates!

The game Milennium 2.2. proved to be a success, so Activision decided to make a sequel. This sequel turned out to be far better than the original. This game is more action packed, has a more interesting plot and is overall much more exciting than the one a few years ago. AS in the first game, you have to mine and use other planets, but instead of being thankful for your intrusion and conquest, the bastard try to kill you! Now comes the battle combat part of the game, where you must build combat drones to defend yourself. As I said, this game is a lot more intense and exciting where the last one was dull, it is fun and very very addictive. Sadly, this game doesn't have a soundtrack which would spice up the game even more, but the sounds effects are pretty good on thier own too. I like the interface of the game, and the graphics are good with decent although not perfect animation. Overall, this is quite an improvement from the original game and I recommend it to both all sci fi strategy fans (like Space Empires) and action games fans.

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