Fireteam 2200

Strategy 1991 Dos SimSystems Galactic War Empire management

Futuristic tactics game; mission based; pretty well done

Fireteam 2200 is a tactics level wargame, set in the future, with cool units and actually pretty mundane tactics, which are based on finding cover, working as a unit and doing sustained damage, while avoiding being spotted by the enemy. The game is set in different scenarios, which you can choose at your own leisure. Also, of your own choice is the squad you are going to use. You can choose your units from a number of different ones, some that are great for forward attacks, some that best suited for ranged attacks and some others that are all about support. The game allows you to use a squad of up to 16 units, and there are 30 units in total to use, as well as 25 types of weapons. So, the combination of units with different weapons can afford you to create exactly the kind of structure you want, for the kind of gameplay that you want; more aggressive or more restrained. At any rate, looks good, with nice 2D graphics, and it also has a multiplayer portion should you want to try it. A good alternative can be X-COM: Terror from the Deep, also very tactical and squad based.

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