Diggles: the Myth of Fenris

Strategy 2001 Windows Infogrames Fantasy Real time

Great idea, poor performance

Diggles is a very interesting game with a lot of charm and potential that is sure to make every strategy game interested, but falls back a bit when gameplay is concerned. The premise is this - Fenris is the dog of the Norse god Odin, and he has escaped and started making trouble in the realm. The only way to stop him is to raise and Manage Diggles, which are little dwarvish looking people that have to work hard and provide you with resources. They have to eat, sleep and feel good enough about their life to be really efficient in their work. While the whole thing sounds very appealing and fun, the trouble starts when you actually starts playing. Sure, the whole thing looks good on paper, but the trouble is that the game is too damn slow, even for the more patient players. The response rate is also too slow and often you will feel like you will have to murder a few of those guys too make them work faster. There is also too much little things to worry about. Managing an empire is fun and good, but the problem is that you have to think of every little thing, like in a Sims game. So the strategy part is mostly replaced by micromanagement and that can put the fun off the game a bit. Still, if you like strategy games and mythology, you are free to take a test of patience in this charming and unique game.

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