Action 1997 Windows 7th Level Cartoon Science Fiction 3D action adventure

The helicopters are really destructive

It is a 3D action futuristic game which has a great depth in terms of the variety of action and the number of gameplay options. The plot is that you will play a cop who will be driving different helicopters. The mission or the goal is to perform various missions for taking down criminals. Starting with the variety, you have 5 different cops or pilots that you can choose for 5 different helicopters. These helicopters have their own attributes such as the variety of ammo, speed and if they are used in combination with the right pilot, they can help you to gain a very competitive advantage in the game. The thing which I always look out for in shooter games is the amount of ammo and this game has really pleased me because your helicopter is loaded with a huge amount of weaponry. There are different scenarios for your selection and every scenario comprises of about 4 to 5 different missions. The variety in the missions in the form of the enemies and their weaponry is really good. The controls of the game are butter and can be easily managed even if you are playing a shooter game for the first time. The graphics are equally fine and the music of the firing and the destruction is also very much synchronized with the theme. The game plays like Terminal velocity but has a lot of superior features.

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