102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

Action 2000 Windows Disney Cartoon 3D action adventure

A fun nonviolent game for both kids and adults

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue is great for both kids and adults that are fans of the animated series! I really liked the high-quality and well-rendered graphics that are better than the cartoons. The puppies will win your sympathy even from the first moments of playing. Cruella abducted more Dalmatian puppies to make a coat from their fur. You play as Domino or Oddball, with the mission to rescue the puppies. This game comes with new characters based on the upcoming 102 Dalmatians live action movie. If you want an enjoyable nonviolent game with lots of fun puzzles to solve, this is perfect for you. The controls are precise and easy. The 16 levels will challenge you to collect 'stickers' towards a virtual sticker book (you can also unlock them by doing various things and solving mini games). There is a sticker for exiting every level, and you can also collect 100 bones while trying to rescue the puppies that are held captive. Beside this, you have to destroy Cruella's evil plans and games, and to launch obstacles for Cruella's servants. Some help will come in your way, like a parrot named Waddleworth, more animals and some tip indicators. The final battle will be a bit difficult, but you will love what Cruella prepared you! So start behaving like a cute puppy, jump, do acrobatic flips and run to reach your goal to save the poor Dalmatians!

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