Tigger's Honey Hunt

Action 2000 Windows Buena Vista Cartoon

It's time for some honey hunting!

Tigger's Honey Hunt is a 2000 action cartoon game where you will help Winnie the Pooh get some honey for his party! He wants his guests to have a great time, and this is the first step. You will be helped by your friend, Tigger. I am sure everyone knows the Winnie the Pooh stories, whether they read the novels or watched the Walt Disney movie adaptations. There are nine levels in the game that include the goal to collect a certain amount of honey pots. If you get the right amount, then you are allowed to go to the next level. Yo can also play mini-games like Rock-Paper-Scissors, against other characters. The controls involve jumping horizontally and vertically (you will be able to perform better actions when you will learn some special skills), you can also use the nature's elements and animals to reach some areas. You begin with 3 lives, and you have to avoid obstacles like chasms and other dangerous animals. I liked the game's responsive aspect when it comes to the performed actions. I also appreciated the delightful graphics and environments that were different with every level. The same I have to say about the animations, that are splendid. This is a great game for the Pooh fans, and not only, even the adults will take pleasure while playing it!

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