Arcade 2004 Windows Cheesy Software ASCII based

Text controlled and ASCII based laser game

This late release (it came out in 2003) wants to simulate laser experiments. Quite why it was chosen for the game to be controlled via text inputs is a bit harder to get, but, no matter what the reason was, Guy is the kind of game that is smart, even if not too graphically compelling, and is also physics influenced. So here's the idea; some of the prisms, refractive surfaces and mirrors that you get need to be arranged so that your beam of the laser will reach its ultimate target. So, it's a puzzler where you have to arrange some of the tiles in order. Also, the game can be played in multiplayer, and there, the idea is that you have to stop your enemy from targeting your buoy, while you have to hit his. It's definitely a game for those that love retro productions and that don't mind pushing text based commands, like it's the early 80s again. Otherwise, it's got quite a rich bundle of levels, and it is simple and direct. So, if you think the game has a nice, cool idea, have it in your collection. For 5 minute gameplay sessions it will definitely be worth looking into. Else download Laser Light, another laser to target puzzler, yet simpler in build, not as ambitious, but more playable.

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